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A Tracked Droid and Terrain to Avoid

Applied Technology
Nolan Farber

Pam Barrett

My project is about how to build a tracked robot that can go over terrains with different levels of friction. I tested the droid on five different surfaces (laminate flooring, artificial turf, sand, gravel, and oil) to determine what terrains should be avoided and which ones the robot can handle easily. In the droid-building process, I learned about how to best wire the droid’s two motors (in parallel instead of series), how too heavy of a bot causes it to perform poorly, and why a track system is better than wheels on a softer surface.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “A Tracked Droid and Terrain to Avoid

  1. You did a wonderful job and it shows! Great work! I can already see you in the future Battle Bot competition! Maybe you can also look into starting a VEX robotics club at our school!

  2. We are so proud of your hard work and brilliant mind Nolan!!

    Mom, Dad, Magnolia, and Fiona

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