Grand Award

Second Place

A.I. Story Telling

Applied Technology

Benjamin Collinsworth

Our project is about using Artificial intelligence to write stories for preschool audiences. We choose this project because we are interested in robots and what they can do. At the end of the project, an A.I. program was able to successfully create a story that a preschool audience enjoyed. Our project is important because the use of A.I, is beginning to affect more parts of our lives, and we want to understand more about what it is capable of. Keywords: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Storytelling, Writing.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “A.I. Story Telling

  1. What a fun experiment! I love that another class was used as the population studied to determine if preschoolers enjoyed the story! I bet those were honest responses as well! Also, what a great way to display a survey for the age group. A larger sample size is always a great idea as mentioned at the end, but I find the creativity of this subject going through the scientific method so amazing! The kids did a great job setting up the story.

    Fantastic job, class!

  2. I totally love that your PreK students are using AI to explore writing stories for themselves and then ranking them. What a cool way to introduce our youngest learners to this technology. I hope your students keep exploring productive ways to use artificial intelligence.

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