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Will you be Right Guessing Jellies by Sight?

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Addison Zimmerman

Pamela Barrett

"My project is about how people guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. I wanted to find out which method of guessing is the most popular and which is the best for getting the right answer. I also looked at who was right more: boys vs. girls and young people vs. grown ups. Because I am the scientist, I decided that people who guessed within 3 jelly beans of the answer would be counted as right. I also decided that young people were 12 years old and under and everyone else went in the grown up category. Based on the 117 people that answered my survey, I found that wild guess was most popular but that weight was best. Almost the same number of boys and girls got the correct answer, but boys win because they got one more right. Finally, old people got it correct way more often than kids because they used weight a lot and almost none of the kids used weight. "

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