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Will it Sink or float?

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Amyra Kotadia Jayneel Patel

Deepaben Patel

"My objective is to Teach the kids that why some objects sink and some float by working on fine motor skills with “floatable objects” experiment. They will also learn that buoyant objects float and dense objects will sink. "

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3 thoughts on “Will it Sink or float?

  1. This was a great project in several ways that got students thinking for themselves, testing their predictions and coming to conclusions. A good way to show that sometimes science progresses through trial and error. The children seem to have gotten quite involved. I like the way it involved the students physically too.

  2. Great job thinking of questions before putting the objects in the water. You learned a lot of important vocabulary terms – float, sink, buoyant, dense, and more!

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