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Who Let the Air Out?

Chemical and Material Sciences
Ashlyn Lehwald class

Ashlyn Lehwald

"Our class thought about different problems we have in our classroom. We discussed many ideas, however many of those ideas were not actually measurable and weren’t going to give us much data. We started to look around the classroom and noticed a sign that a student had put up earlier in the year, “Playdough—off limits.” This sign was put up because our playdough kept becoming dried out. Lids were not being put on properly, so the playdough was “shut down” for a few days. We discussed how doing something with playdough would help solve a problem within our classroom. We decided on a question for our project. Our question is: How can we stop playdough from drying out? Our project isn’t only important to our classroom, but it would benefit other classrooms in our school and outside of our school"

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