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Which Will Be The Berry Best vol. 2

Plant Sciences
Abigail Ditsch

Lauren Ochoa

"Last year I did an experiment to test what method of keeping strawberries fresh works best. The method was rinsing them and keeping them in a sealed mason jar or glass container. But strawberries aren’t the only fruits I like that will go bad before I can eat them. This year I want to test if this method will also work the best on other fruits, specifically blueberries, raspberries and black berries."

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3 thoughts on “Which Will Be The Berry Best vol. 2

  1. This was a really clean project that was easy to understand and illustrated nicely. It also focuses on the important topic of reducing food waste, which is critical and increasingly necessary. I like how you developed your ideas further from last year. I think in the future you have the capacity to try a project that is a little more unique, as you seem like you understand how to ask scientific questions well and form hypothesis. In the future, I think a figure to display your data could also be helpful to concisely represent your results, not just in the form of a table. Great job overall!

  2. This presentation was very well made, excellent spacing and mix of text and pictures. The fact that you were continuing on research you had performed previously was awesome to see! I constantly have my fresh berries go bad after buying them, so thank you for helping me find the best way to keep them fresh!

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