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Which Swimsuit Makes You Faster In The Water

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Eamon McCallen

MariAnn Slater

"1. In this experiment I am going to test out if a swimming tech suit, which is used for competitive swimming, makes you faster than a normal practice suit in the water? 2. I became interested in this experiment when I was packing for a swim meet. I didn't know if I should pack my tech suit or my practice suit.3. The results for this experiment showed that after averaging my 10 trials, the tech suit time was 35.52 ,and the normal practice suit was 37.38 This information indicates that the better swim suit was the tech suit clocked in at the lowest time making it the best suit for swimming. 4. The information from this experiment will help people to determine if they should wear a tech suit or a practice suit for a swim meet. The results of this experiment will help other swimmers see which types of materials for suits are best for swim meets. "

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One thought on “Which Swimsuit Makes You Faster In The Water

  1. Exciting project. I am interesting in swimming though I know too little. I liked your project that confirms that race-suits are advantageous. I hope you continue your research on greater sample, too. Personally I would be curious to see how the tech-suit helps in different strokes, like free vs butterfly etc. Congratulations and wishing success in both science and swimming.

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