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Which One is Better, Spray or Gel Hand Sanitizer?

Connor Homes

Dr. Michael Frank

"The project done was comparing the effectiveness of the spray(mist) form and the gel form of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, this was done by comparing the area of killed off bacteria on a Petri Dish. The reason this project was chosen was to see if there was a variation in the alcohol-based hand sanitizer’s forms at stopping illness. The result was that the spray(mist) form of hand sanitizer outperformed both the control(water) and the gel form of hand sanitizer. The reason my project is important in the medical field is because it demonstrates which form of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which is a common substitute for soap and water. Keywords: medical, illness prevention, hand sanitizer, alcohol, spray, gel, comparing, petri dish, E. coli. "

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One thought on “Which One is Better, Spray or Gel Hand Sanitizer?

  1. The results of this project surprised me. I would not expect spray hand sanitizer to work better than other forms of hand sanitizer. These results are really helpful and I will keep them in mind next time I use hand sanitizers.

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