Which Foods Produce the Most Electricity?

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Audrey Fraser

Lexi Conger

"I studied different foods and measured the amount of electricity they produced with a multimeter. I have a lemon tree in my backyard and I was curious how much electricity a lemon produced, which made me think of energy in other foods as well. In my experiment, the honey crisp apple produced the most electricity, which surprised me. Just like food helps fuel us, food can produce some electricity too. "

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3 thoughts on “Which Foods Produce the Most Electricity?

  1. Nice project! I liked the way you tried different fruits and vegetables, and also tested them to see if they would light up the light bulb. I wonder if you would have tested each fruit/vegetable multiple times if the honey crisp apple would have always produced the most electricity?

  2. I really liked how you used a variety of fruit and instruments to gather your data.

  3. This is the most sophisticated 2nd grade science project I’ve ever seen. I love the idea and you did a great job of conveying it through both images and writing.

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