Where’s the Beach? A Study In Coastal Erosion and Prevention

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Hayes Evatt

Ryan Bowman

"Create an observable test to measure the effectiveness of different types of coastal barriers. I will make a beach and design a sea wall and groins to see if they reduce the impact of the water along the “coastline.” I chose this project because I love the beach and we learned about erosion in class. The result was that groins did the best job on a lower slopes beach and no barrier and groins did the best for a highly slopes beach. It is important to see how beaches and buildings along the coast can be saved from the effects of the water."

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Where’s the Beach? A Study In Coastal Erosion and Prevention

  1. Experiments can show us results we don’t expect. Nice job at setting up the experiment that allowed you to come to a different conclusion!

  2. Thank you for choosing an environmental topic that is not as commonly researched! Coastal erosion has huge impacts in coastal areas that have high population density (like LA, parts of Texas, and Florida). One thing about your project that stood out to me is how you effectively modeled the beach in the paint pan. Keep up the hard work!

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