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What’s a Bird’s Favorite Color?

Animal Sciences
Gwendolyne Macias

Natasha Tepper

"My science experiment investigated what color birds are most attracted to. I made a bird feeder with three colored boxes: pink, blue, and red. I put a time lapse camera on them for 3 days and then tallied which color box the birds landed in first each day. I learned birds are most drawn to the pink box. This will help me determine what kind of flowers to grow to attract more birds."

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12 thoughts on “What’s a Bird’s Favorite Color?

  1. I absolutely love how colorful your slide deck is and how well you put the graph together! It is a wonderful experiment.

  2. I like the effort you put into the experiment and hope that you do good throughout school and life.

  3. This project is so cool! I never thought birds would prefer a certain color, it’s so interesting that many of them preferred pink

  4. Interesting experiment. I wondered why you didn’t choose yellow, then saw that you were going to try that next time. I like the way you could set up the camera then count the birds on the screen instead of having to sit there for hours. I liked the pictures of the birds that came to the seeds.

  5. I really like your project as it is very interesting to find our what colors birds like the most. To think that birds favored color is pink is really cool especially for the different kinds of birds that visited.

  6. I love how you were able to observe how birds are picky in where they choose to eat. Please continue to observe and to learn from your natural surroundings!

  7. Super awesome project. Great job in your hypothesis. I hope that this was a fun introduction into the world of science fair. I learned something new today and I hope you enjoyed learning about colors, birds, and science. It’s crazy that we can see so many colors already but there are more out there that the human eye can’t recognize or distinguish. Congratulations on everyone’s hard work. 🙂

  8. I found it interesting that the birds that you have studied preferred pink to any other color. Maybe they can easily recognize the color pink and then notice that there is food!

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