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What Will Slow Down Mold on Strawberries?

Plant Sciences
Audrey Mandel

Mrs Andrea Klein

"This experiment is designed to find out what can make strawberries mold slower. People can use this to keep their strawberries longer. I dipped 4 strawberries in different liquids: vinegar, salt water, olive oil, water; and kept 1 strawberry plain and did nothing to it. I dried strawberries with clean towel and let strawberries sit on counter and observed. The results from best to worst: salt water, vinegar, olive oil, water, nothing. Washing strawberries in salt water will prevent it from molding the best. "

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5 thoughts on “What Will Slow Down Mold on Strawberries?

  1. This its a most interesting project, especially so since everyone loves strawberries!

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