What soda is most unhealthy for your teeth?

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Karissa Freidinger

Sheri Curtin

"I chose the project to find out how bad or unhealthy soda is for your teeth. I tested four different sodas to see what impact they had on our teeth and used limestone as a replacement for actual teeth. My result was that Dr. Pepper was the soda that ate away the most limestone. But the test results for all the sodas were very close. My project Is important because people can drink soda and know how much of a bad impact it can have on our dental care."

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One thought on “What soda is most unhealthy for your teeth?

  1. Premise was that soda with the most sugar would be most harmful.
    Results showed that Mountain Dew (with the most sugar) was NOT the most harmful.
    Human tooth enamel is mostly calcium hydroxyapatite.
    Limestone is mostly calcium carbonate. So results cannot be DIRECTLY applied to human dentition.
    Executed well and presented nicely.

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