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What Drug Use Effects Will Deter Middle Schoolers’ From Using Drugs?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Cecily May Stiening

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

"Project Description: ● What is your project about? My science project is a social experiment that gains a better understanding of which effects of drug use influence/increase the deterrence of middle schoolers´ drug use. ● Why did you choose this project? According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS), drug use in middle schoolers has increased over 60% in the last five years. Drug use has a lot of negative side effects, including physical and mental health problems, aesthetic/physical deterioration and the downfall in future socio-economics of the drug user. I was interested in knowing which of these three main areas of effects (health problems, physical/aesthetic deterioration and socio-economic downfall) would most likely deter middle school aged students from using drugs. I’m interested in this because I know middle schoolers who use drugs, and I would like to educate myself on what information would deter them from further or initial drug use. ● What was your result/overall conclusion? My experiment’s result, which was different from my hypothesis, showed that the majority of middle schoolers were most deterred by the socio-economic effects of drug use, followed by the health effects of drug use. Lastly, the aesthetic/physical effects of drug use had the least amount of drug use deterrence for middle schoolers. ● Why is your project important? Drug use is steadily increasing in middle school aged students. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse Services, has routinely found, since 2015, that young people's attitude toward drugs plays a bigger role in their drug use than the availability or the cost of drugs. This suggests that, in order to decrease the percentage of middle schoolers using drugs, we must prioritize changing their attitude toward drug use. My project helps tell what specific drug use effects will most likely give middle schooler’s a negative attitude toward drugs."

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One thought on “What Drug Use Effects Will Deter Middle Schoolers’ From Using Drugs?

  1. Super important and interesting project! Missed having research/references to middle school student drug use. I would apply this study by having students create posters with these different messages (and perhaps others) and then have students evaluate which posters/messages would most effectively discourage them from drug use.

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