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We Axolotl Questions

Animal Sciences
Mrs. Mandi Cordell class

Mrs. Mandi Cordell

"An unusual class pet helped students learn about history, habitat degradation and limb regeneration. Students researched how to care for their pet axolotls and asked how they could look after their well being when they aren't allowed to handle their pets. Weekly well checks that included observation and tracking food consumption were combined with a unique way to weight the axolotls."

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6 thoughts on “We Axolotl Questions

  1. Even though there were some problems with your experiment regarding weighing the axolotls, good job in thinking of ways to fix the problems you encountered.

  2. Very clever problem solving work. It’s fantastic that you care enough about these unique animals to be sure they are doing well. I love all the ideas about them and how some grow up to change into salamanders while others do not. I hope you keep on learning about them. They are endangered in the wild.

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