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Water Conservation Shower Timer

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Emma Kirberger

Ms Debbie Fitzpatrick

"The timer is used for your shower and runs for five minutes and 30 seconds. The purpose is to save water so it can be used for other things we need. It has an automatic shutoff. After you turn it on, it runs for five minutes and shuts off using a lego conveyor belt. The timer consists of circuits and lego parts."

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Water Conservation Shower Timer

  1. This project is amazing! You took it above and beyond with your wording and your knowledge. I am amazed at how much stuff it took to make this project possible. this is one of the best science fair projects I have seen in my life.

  2. Submarine related. Fresh water production and conservation are very important on submarines. Showers are limited to one – two minutes to conserve fresh water. Submarines produce fresh water from seawater using condensers and reverse osmoses .

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