Grand Award

2nd Place

Water balloon drop

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Caroline Benneyworth

Jesse Perez

"This project looked to determine the the force needed to burst a falling water balloon in order to make predictions about the outcome of future drops. This project was chosen out of an interest in gravity and love of water balloons. Results were mixed because of variables that were not controlled for but there we were able to find boundaries outside of which that we were able to make accurate predictions. This was an interesting project that helped us understand the physics of free fall and object impact with the ground. Future projects could better control for variables and even test hand made balloons made from different materials"

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One thought on “Water balloon drop

  1. Great first steps in wondering and application of math in testing your hypothesis. Your thinking process in your discussion and implications were intriguing as well. I liked your use of two different graphs in your first trial set to look for patterns and results and your depth of questioning about the impact of the uncontrolled variables. Hint for next time: Listing all your materials, with specifics like what kind/shape of balloons and what kind of surface you dropped them on as well as numbering your steps in your procedures would make it easier to replicate or retest your investigation. But your questioning and process was impressive!

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