Energy and Environmental Engineering
Kiersten Ball

Ms. R Cantu

"My project is about making capacitors containing different liquids, and with a PVC pipe, stroking each capacitor to find out how many volts it has. I chose this project because I wanted to test if each liquid could produce a shock. My results were that salt water had the most volts overall, but the first test soda produced an electrical shock. This project is important because energy is around us everyday and capacitors appear in many things we use."

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Volt-Trons

  1. Excellent research and knowledge about capacitors. I liked that you changed your engineering design on the capacitors you made. You only did three trials per liquid you tested in both capacitor designs. Good experimental practice is to do an experiment more than just three times. Fun and a really “shocking” experiment! I enjoyed it very much.

  2. This was a really good project and you did a nice job of explaining your procedures and results. I especially liked the way you ran into problems and then tried new ways to fix things. That is a basic idea in science. One question: wouldn’t the soda lose its fizz in a pretty short time? I hope you come back next year with another good project.

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