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Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Jordan Tees

Mrs Lindsay Wong

"As a baseball player, I am always looking for ways to improve. I thought an experiment with baseball bats would be beneficial. I am most familiar with metal bats. My experience with wooden bats is that they break easily. I noticed that the “ sweet spot” on the barrel of the metal bat is larger than the metal bat. The wooden bat is skinnier than the metal bat. So, I was curious if the metal bat would constantly hit the ball farther than the wooden bat. My hypothesis was that the Demarini Glitch metal bat would project the baseball farther than the Victus Tatis 21 wood bat. I went to a soccer field with the Demarini Glitch metal bat and the Victus Tatis 21 wood bat. I hit the ball five times with each bat. Each time,I hit the ball of a tee. I used a Caddyv2 to measure the distance in the air and the distance traveled in total. I recorded the data for analysis. The experiment revealed that a metal bat was better than a wooden bat in projecting the baseball the farthest. Data showed that 80% of the time the metal bat projected the ball farther than the wooden bat. After review of the total distances, the metal bat continued to send the ball farther than the wooden bat by 70%. My objective was to determine which type of bat, metal or wooden, would project the baseball the farthest. My experiment concluded that the metal bat sent the ball the longest distance the majority of the time. Keywords: athletics, baseball, bats, sports, distance"

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