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Understanding Germs

Health and Wellness
Vishwa De Silva

Mr. Greg Gaines

"My project experiments if the 5 second rule is verifiable, using the analysis of bacteria colony growth, and colony morphology on petri dishes, with food, and surface. I chose this project because this problem is too long gone, and it’s an interesting controversy that needs to be solved. Also, because as a kid I used to eat food off the floor myself, I was curious about the 5 second rule. I found that the 5 second rule is mostly true for dry food that falls on carpet surfaces. For wet food on any surface, bacteria growth was high, and this rule isn’t likely to be true. This project is important because it will help prevent diseases, and keep everybody, including kids safe from pathogens, and harmful germs/bacteria. "

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Germs

  1. Very nice presentation with great pictures to show your experiment. Hopefully you are not encouraged to eat any food off of the floor no matter how quickly it is picked up; I think 40% of the bacteria is still more than I would want to eat! Great job!

  2. This was a really nice and colorful presentation, it was very easy to see your results! Your procedure was also very thorough which was impressive to see. I also really liked the descriptions of the colonies you provided, the differences between them makes me wonder what specific bacterial species they are!

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