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2nd Place

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Department of Navy Naval Science Award, USS Tucson 770 Club Outstanding project in nautical or submarine sciences

UAV Submarine

Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science
Augustus Mitchell

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

"Project Description: What is your project about? To design an affordable UAV in order to explore bodies of water. Why did you choose this project? I’m interested in submarines and noticed that there are no real affordable options to buy them. What was your result/overall conclusion? I had to solve problems like balance issues and fuelty motors. The submarine can now travel in multiple directions. Next I will extend its range and depth. Why is your project important? So people can have a submarine to explore without paying a thousand dollars. "

Project presentation

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Research paper

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One thought on “UAV Submarine

  1. Submarine related project. Experiment was to developed/ design a UAV submarine. Well thought out researched, data collected/ troubleshoot/solutions and application.

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