Turning Up the Heat

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Elizabeth Martinez

Ms. Shelley Wermuth

"Temperatures can be affected by many factors. One main factor is actually color. Depending on the color of an object the object may be hotter or colder. Today I will be conducting an experiment to find out which color is most affected by heat absorption and light. I will be placing 6 different cups filled with colored water, each differently colored by a window and seeing which water has the highest ending temperature. This data will be very beneficial to citizens and athletes. It will show athletes which color clothes they should be avoiding if it is hotter outside to extend practice time. The reason I choose and was interested in this project is because I live in Arizona and do various sports so for me it is very important to stay cool which I find hard. I wanted to help benefit other athletes like me and help others who want to stay cool."

Project presentation

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