Tune a Fish

Animal Sciences
Brandon Ryker Merrill

Kirby O'Dell

"In my experiment I tested whether fish would be affected by sound to determine if noise produced from oil rigs in the middle of the ocean affects marine wildlife, specifically fish, in a negative way. I love fishing and I am very concerned about keeping our fish habitats safe so I decided to investigate this problem because when I go fishing with my dad, he always tells me to be quiet or I will scare the fish away making me wonder if things in the ocean that cause noise pollution such as oil rigs scare or stress the marine wildlife around it, negatively impacting it. To conduct my experiment, I counted the number of times the pectoral fins moved on each of three fish for 30 seconds without sound (control) and with the addition of sound by touching a tuning fork to the top of the fish’s bowl to introduce sound into the fish’s environment and determine if the sound would cause the fish to move more, indicating stress. The results of my experiment showed that all three fish were affected by sound being introduced into their environment with an average increase in movement of 39% when sound was added to the fish’s environment. My experiment is important because it demonstrates that noise pollution and the noise from oil rigs does have a negative effect on marine wildlife and therefore, we need to find ways to protect our marine wildlife from noise pollution. "

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