Traptonion: Engineering the Future City

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Genesis Anderson Nayeli Quiles Alexzander Merino

Jackie Nichols

"In Singapore about 7.7 millions tons of waste is generated, the amount to fill 15,000 Olympic size swimming pools. Surprisingly, Singapore is the 52nd worst city with air pollution too. Traptonion (Singapore redesigned for the future) is a waste free city, using robotics and clean energy. Traptonion brings equality, affordable housing, clean energy, safety, good education, and entertainment for all ages. Today it has a high level of cleanliness, citywide healthcare system, security, unique, innovative and futuristic designs everywhere you go! Within the city, you will find new and improved transportation, unique and fun public spaces, futuristic architecture, and more. "

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2 thoughts on “Traptonion: Engineering the Future City

  1. Big project to completely convert a country, city, and state into a circular economy. I’m interested in why you change the name of Singapore into Traptonion? Your project does not conform to the engineering standards of being testable, but it does show good team work.
    Well done project. You and your team members may some day be called, Traponions!

  2. You did a nice job of imagining a city of the future. I would like to live in such a city. Illustrations and explanations were clear. I wondered how much material would have to come from outside the city and how much it is really circular. What do you think it would take for people to do such a city? Are you practicing circular principles in your life? I hope you return next year with another creative project.

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