To Eat or Not To Eat

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Monica Valdez class

Monica Valdez

Everyone has dropped food on the floor and we always hear "" 5 second rule"" which means you are allowed to eat food off the floor if it is picked up within 5 seconds. The idea (theory) is that it's safe to eat food off the floor if we pick it up quickly because germs do not have time to get on the food. Is this fact or fiction?

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2 thoughts on “To Eat or Not To Eat

  1. It’s always great when you conduct an experiment, and you learn something from your research! And, you learned that it’s never a good idea to eat something that has fallen to the ground whether that is inside or outside. Wish that you graph had been larger so that it was better seen.

  2. I love that you discovered that food has germs! It is not sterile when you open it.
    Fun project! Great job 🙂

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