Think Like the Incas

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Brianna Mildebrandt

Mr. Greg Gaines

"I chose this project because I wanted to make a project that could help optimize the use of the water using ancient farming and gardening techniques that the Incas used, (they were master farmers in their time). In my project I evaluated if using the famous ancient Inca terrace techniques, originally created by the Incas a civilization in the Andes in Peru, we discovered a better way to cultivate vegetables all the year long with using less water and be able to have sun facing the direction of our garden. These terraces are built like stairs so that whenever the sun changes positions it still focuses on you plants, providing them all the vitamin D that they need and also have a several layers of different materials underneath to keep better moisture levels. My project is important because I can help to optimize the water and quality of the production of a regular garden and regular techniques in gardening, and also help on a large scale in modern agriculture and can be able to cultivate even in a hostile landscaping. "

Project presentation

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