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These Hands Are Made For Washing

Chemical and Material Sciences
Susan Steen class

Susan Steen

"We have to wash our hands a lot and we wanted to try new soaps like the soap we use in the bathtub. After using the school soap, our hands are always dried out and we need a lot of lotion from our teachers. Sometimes the lotion doesn’t help and we have to see the nurse. We want to try other soaps to see if our hands feel better and also see which soap lasts the longest. We want the best soap for the classroom. "

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2 thoughts on “These Hands Are Made For Washing

  1. What a good practical experiment that fits into real life! I like the way you tried different things and the ways the students were involved in the project. I loved your analysis of pros and cons. Maybe try some different brands of store bought soap? I hope you found a good solution for the class.

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