The stroop effect

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Lizandra Sanchez

MariAnn Slater

"1. In this experiment I will be testing if people can pronounce color words faster when the color word is different from the ink color than when the color word is the same as the ink color. 2. I became curious about this experiment because I wanted to know how fast we take to do mental thinking. 3.The results for this experiment show that after averaging my 15 trials, the different color words and color ink average time that they took pronouncing was 12 seconds, and the same word color and ink average time showed that they took an average of 8 seconds pronouncing. Results show that 60.0% of my sample size was able to pronounce words faster when the word color is the same as the color ink. 4. The information from this experiment can possible help people study a different way of help people with learning disabilities. "

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