The Science of Baking

Chemical and Material Sciences
Tori Schnarr

Georgina Matzkin

"My project is about the overall science that is involved when baking cookies. Specifically with baking soda. I chose this project because of my love and passion for baking. I bake a lot and it is important to know this information. I found out that the more baking soda you add, the softer and chewier the cookie is. This is important to know for the future of my baking. If I ever want a really soft cookie, I'll know to add a lot of baking soda."

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One thought on “The Science of Baking

  1. It was a good hypothesis, and being wrong is not a bad thing! I think you could benefit from controlling more variables. For example, consider using a small cookie cutter to ensure a consistent volume of batter is applied to each cookie.

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