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The Pandemic's Effect on Elementary Age Students

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Carly Coy

Kimberly Mulligan

"My project is about the pandemic's effect on students, especially their feelings about online school, learning from home and being home more often. This topic was interesting to me because the pandemic has been a big part of all of our lives over the past two years. My hypothesis was that students would like some aspects of online school like being home more, but I actually found that most students did not like online school and did not think they learned as much compared to in person school. There were a few positive things like being with their families more, but for the most part, students felt the pandemic was very negative and stressful, and they missed seeing their friends while they were in online school."

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2 thoughts on “The Pandemic’s Effect on Elementary Age Students

  1. This was really an excellent and very creative idea for a science project. Very timely and important. So do you think your school will change anything to help students learn better if they cannot be in the classroom? Your results indicate that they should.

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