The Nelson Mandela Effect vs. The People

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Bethany Contreras

Mrs. Patricia Barrett

"I chose this project because it’s known that girls have better memory than boys so I was intrigued by girls having better memory so I wanted to test out if girls had better memory than boys even if the questions were more complex. I think that girls will have better accuracy than boys because it is already known that girls get better accuracy on test than boys, so I think that if girls do better than boys in education, then memory should be no problem for them. Memory may not be in the education matter but girls are also better at being more well ordered, not so stressed, so they can probably have as much as overwhelming stuff to do as boys but manage it better. So if they can manage a lot on their plate then memorization should be no problem. I decided to do some research on my project and got 15 images that are tricky and placed them on a google form. I got a small selected group of girls and boys to fill out a google form virtually. I compared the boys to the girls scores and 11 out of the 15 questions the girls guessed correctly. This proved that my hypothesis was not only correct but that we truly do use this in our everyday life because girls handling stress better impacts how memorization plays a role, it shows how girls are more capable of memorizing and taking that to their advantage."

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