Grand Award

1st Place

The Magnetic Free Fall Experiment

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Sawyer Drake McDermed

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

"Project Description: What is your project about? My project is about how will a hollow tube’s interior texture, material, diameter, and thickness affect the falling rate of a magnet dropped through the tube? Why did you choose this project? My mom’s dad works at ASU (Arizona State University) and this was a past experiment that my papa suggested. What was your result/overall conclusion? The tighter the fit the slower the fall, and the smaller magnet falls faster than the bigger magnet. Why is your project important? It could be useful for transportation of items slowly downwards. "

Project presentation

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Research paper

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5 thoughts on “The Magnetic Free Fall Experiment

  1. Excellent research I learned a lot. Congratulations on advancing to the state and regional level.

  2. Great job, S! I was really “drawn” to your project (haha, magnets!). It was interesting that the smaller magnets fell faster than the larger ones – I didn’t even consider friction. Nice!

  3. That’s a very interesting project. I enjoyed reading your research paper. Sounds like you are enthusiastic about science! Keep up the good work!

  4. Do you have any idea why there was a difference between the copper and copper with holes?

  5. Excellent project, creative and great research and execution it shows that the pipe need not be magnetic to slow down the fall. I also learned that stainless steel has different varieties: magnetic and non-magnetic. Congratulations

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