Grand Award

1st Place

The Lid Cooler

Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science
Frankie Mendez Boran Hu

Rachelle Ferris

"Our problem is Lunch can get hot in the sun and we invented a lid that can cool it down. I built a fan to keep lunch cool at school. And we also built a tarp for the lunch wagon. The motor broke but we fixed it. We had a metal Strip connected to the battery and the motor And the blade did spin now we have a working fan. We did 3 different prototypes to get our invention to work. "

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “The Lid Cooler

  1. Great project! I really enjoyed reading about your different prototypes and how you made improvements on each one. Your slides that show what you did, your results and a photo made it very easy to follow and understand what you did. I also liked that you received feedback from your classmates – what a great way to help out your class!

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