The Effects of Color on the Psychological State of Human Beings

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Yamilet Coss Shelby Carter Cesar Peña

Ms. Elyse Wexler

In a human study, it was observed how colors affect emotions. It was inquired how ages, shades of colors (light/dark), and types of colors (cool/warm) were influenced by emotions. Thirty voluntary and consented participants completed a survey asking their age, feelings towards certain colors and likert scales recorded their rankings of agreement, neutrality, and disagreement towards other statements.

Project presentation

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Lab journal excerpts

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2 thoughts on “The Effects of Color on the Psychological State of Human Beings

  1. I love how much effort you put into the project and in creating an entertaining and interesting slide deck to show us your results.

  2. I think this is such an interesting project ! I like how you incorporated the different age groups as a variable that might affect their feeling towards certain colors. That makes me wonder what the differences between those results might be due to generationally. I find this topic super interesting and your presentation of it was great as well :))

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