The Effects of an Adhesive on Different Types of Wood

Chemical and Material Sciences
Sylvia Gavin Isabelle Streeter

Dr. Michael Frank

"Our project is about adhesives and how well they perform on different types of wood. We chose to do this project because some of our family friends and family members work with wood so they inspired us to find out which wood works best with adhesives. The overall result of our experiment was that cedar was the wood that worked best with gorilla glue. Our project is important because it answers a question that may come up for many people in their normal everyday life. Many people work with wood such as carpenters or construction workers. This experiment would answer their question and they would know which type of wood and adhesive to use for certain things."

Project presentation

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Research paper

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2 thoughts on “The Effects of an Adhesive on Different Types of Wood

  1. This project looks super helpful for people who work with wood. Its well researched and organized. the slide design is also very cool (:

  2. I love how you tied this back to something from your own life – the crafts that may not have stuck together in the past. Good job!

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