The Effect of Phone Notifications on Human Memory

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Alana Levarias Yukatie Rangel

Ms Patricia Garcia

"In our experiment, we will be testing if high school students memories are affected by phone notifications. There was a study on how even if someone ignores a push notification it as just distracting as answering a text or receiving a phone call. They had done a well-known test of sustained attention with 150 college students and there were results were the student’s scores were lower if any audible notification went off. We also took major inspiration from another science fair project that tested short term memory. We followed most of the procedures but put a twist on them by adding the phone notifications. We did the same three tests twice. One with no phone notifications and the other with phone notifications. "

Project presentation

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Research paper

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2 thoughts on “The Effect of Phone Notifications on Human Memory

  1. I actually feel like I can study significantly less productively when I have my phone near me, so this was an interesting project to get to see.

  2. This research is really interesting, and I was surprised by some of the results. I was not expecting some people like the Juniors to do better with the notifications. This presentation is very visually appealing, as well! Overall, this project was very well done!

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