The DNA Extractor

Plant Sciences
Emilee Shepard

Ms. Emily Karnes

"The purpose of this experiment is to see which fruit has the highest mass of DNA. This experiment will begin by going to get the fruit (strawberries, banana, and kiwi). This will be tested by extracting DNA from the three fruits and the mass of the DNA will be calculated. After the mass is calculated, they will be compared to find out which fruit has the highest mass of DNA. My hypothesis was proven correct because the strawberry had the most mass. The strawberries had a mass of 8.8g, the banana had a mass of 8.6g and the kiwi had a mass of 8.4g. The strawberry had a goopiest consistency, the banana was the hardest to get juice out of and the kiwi was the easiest To remove bias the next time I do my experiment, I could do more trials. If there was a bias during the experiment, we could get more accurate information next time. I thought this experiment was fun and I choose to do it because I enjoy learning about DNA. "

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  1. It will be interesting to see what the next steps could be for this research project! Keep up the good work!

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