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The Circular City (Waste Management - Biomass Energy - Urban Lungs - Circular Economy)

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Tal Medeiros Elias El Onache Alexander Murua

Jackie Nichols

"The Linear Economy is “killing the Earth”. The problem is people are using lots of non-renewable resources, after being used, get wasted or thrown away. An astonishing 90% of all plastic is not recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, burned, or broken down into millions of tiny particles into the oceans and we eat the fish in those oceans! There is textile, food, and product waste that is polluting the environment. Engineers and scientists are working on solutions for rethinking waste, and eliminating air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution that comes from unnecessary waste. This project offers solutions to the waste and pollution from a linear economy like urban lungs. Key words include environmental engineering, waste management, circular economy, waste management, urban lungs, biomass energy."

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