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The Cheapette: An Affordable Micropipette For The Masses

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Charles Becker

Jeremy Jonas

"Micropipettes are among one of the most utilized scientific tools in the fields of biology and chemistry, with their recent increased demand seen in the medical field for vaccine distribution and testing to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic. Unlike other commercial micropipettes the Cheapette prototype is designed to offset the total cost of the equipment in environments where exact precision isn't a necessity. The price point of these tools, base models as high as $500 a piece, keeps them out of reach for many institutions and individuals, while the Cheapette allows schools and people with limited financial resources to take advantage of micropipette functionalities through a simpler version at a couple of dollars per unit."

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2 thoughts on “The Cheapette: An Affordable Micropipette For The Masses

  1. This is a really well done project. Alot of thought was put into it. One question that I would have is, are there any other cheap pipette alternatives out there? If so, do they have anywhere near the same accuracy that you had found using your design?

  2. Very clever idea with real life possibilities. The concept drawing is great!

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