The Age Factor

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Colton Reis

Mrs. Lindsay Wong

"This science project is about reaction time - the brain’s ability to process and react to minor and major signals in life. This experiment attempts to determine whether or not age affects a person’s reaction time, on average. Because it is so important to our survival that people to have the ability to react to a dangerous situation quickly, it is also important to determine which age groups are at more risk due to slower reactions. I tested a total of 45 people (15 people from each of three age groups). My hypothesis was that the older you are, the faster your reaction time is. However, after analyzing my experiment’s data, I found out that the younger you are the faster you respond. If I were to extend this project in the future, I would collect more data to increase the accuracy of my data average, and I would add more types of tests to account for the possibility of the computer’s influence. "

Project presentation

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