Testing the Ph level on the Ash from the Mt. Lemmon Fires in 2020

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Janzen Hyde

Mrs. Mandi Cordell

"My science fair project is examining the soil in and around Tucson, AZ to see if there are lasting evidence buried in the ground from the forest fires of 2020. In addition, I will be looking at how widespread the evidence can be found. "

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Testing the Ph level on the Ash from the Mt. Lemmon Fires in 2020

  1. You put a lot of thought on how to conduct your project. It looks like you learned a lot and followed a process and stuck to details.
    Thanks for doing a project that contributes more information to our local town.

  2. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ~ Albert Einstein
    Thank you for participating this year in SARSEF! I hope our Mountains and water ways stay healthy for future generations.

  3. Very intriguing project idea! I would love to see your project continue and to get more insight into the implications of there still being ash on Mt. Lemmon. Some questions I still have are…
    How long does it typically takes for the ash to completely wash away after a forest fire?
    What are the benefits of the ash flowing down Mt. Lemmon toward the Tucson area?
    Keep asking questions!

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