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Tech Suits, Are They Worth The Expense?

Health and Wellness
Jacinda Belle Jordison

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

"Project Description: What is your project about? My project investigates the differences between tech suits and regular practice swimsuits to figure out if wearing a tech suit will actually make a swimmer swim faster than wearing a regular swimsuit. Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because I am on a year round swim team and I had wondered if tech suits actually do contribute to the speed of a swimmer. What was your result/overall conclusion? The conclusion was that wearing a tech suit when swimming will be beneficial to the overall speed of the swimmer. Why is your project important? It is important for swimmers thinking about buying an expensive tech suit because the experiment demonstrates that wearing a tech suit will help the speed of the swimmer. "

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One thought on “Tech Suits, Are They Worth The Expense?

  1. I love that you paired a personal passion for swimming with your experiment. Very nice study and good conclusion. Well done!

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