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Sweeper Scooper Upper 3000

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Miele Martin Brookly Reay

Mrs. Lisa Nielsen

"Our project was about finding solutions to bending over and picking up trash. We developed a sweeping arm and scoop mechanism to pick up trash easily from the ground. We chose this project because it is important to keep our schools clean and we wanted to make this easier to do. The results from our experience demonstrated that the Super Sweeper 3000 can easily scoop up and sweep trash at the same time. Our project is important because it allows people to pick up trash without using their hands and it will make the world a cleaner place."

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One thought on “Sweeper Scooper Upper 3000

  1. Great idea. It would be nice to see how it works on the grounds in your school yard, and how it operates for different kinds of trash.

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