Grand Award

2nd Place

Sustainable Hair Gel

Chemical and Material Sciences
Torrin Potter

Olsen Hancock

"I made different types of hair gel to figure out if we can save money and use sustainable and reusable products. My mom spends almost $20 for 8oz of hair gel a month for our curly hair and it comes in a plastic jar. I wanted to see if we could make our own at a cheaper price and keep in glass jars. I made 2 types (gelatin and flax seed); the gelatin ended up being the better hair gel than even the store bought gel. It cost us a total of $2.45 to make 13oz of gelatin hair gel and $2.27 to make 13oz of flax seed hair gel; we will save a lot of money making our own hair gel to keep in glass jars instead of purchasing a plastic container that comes in a larger package. It also helps the environment because we used sustainable products to make the hair gel."

Project presentation

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