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Sedona Bermudez Mauricio Rodriguez Caroline Beltran

Ms Patricia Garcia

"Fasting has been around for hundreds of years, however recently interest in fasting has peaked due to it aiding with weight loss, however, there are many other health benefits as well. To see which type of fasting increases energy and weight loss in earthworms, we will be testing multiple types of fasting. First is the 16/8 method, which consists of fasting for 16 hours and having an 8-hour eating window. Second is the 24-hour approach, and as the name suggests you eat at the same time only once every 24 hours. The final method will be the 12-hour approach, which is fasting for 12 hours and having a 12-hour window to eat. Once people realize the many health benefits of fasting and start implementing it within their lives, not only their health will improve, but the world around them will as well. Fasting will decrease the amount of food waste and production around the world, which will then also lessen the load on the environment when growing so much food, which in turn will also improve the health of multiple ecosystems around the world. "

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4 thoughts on “Superworms

  1. I like the connection to circadian rhythms, I didn’t even know that worms followed rhythms the same way people did!

  2. I really was attracted by your title, it was very good and extra points for that. I think your project idea is very cool and the way you measured physical health by weight was incredible. Also the way you wrote the conclusion was very scientific explaining why you might have been incorrect. This project illustrates the knowledge you have in this subject highly.

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