Grand Award

3rd Place

Stressing Out?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Linnea Thim

Casie Thim

Online school has garnered attention from all over the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing millions of students online. This has caused reason for many concerns, especially about students' mental health. This project looks into the specific levels of stress that students experience due to the form of schooling in which they participate. The data collected shows that students in online schooling generally report higher levels of stress. They also tend to have more negative perceptions of their online classes, compared to their in-person classes. It was also demonstrated that there is some negative correlation between the number of in-person classes a student takes, and the number of physiological stress indicators they experience, though not significant. In this experiment, students were asked to answer a series of questions on the amounts of stress which they experience, the type of school they participate in, and the physiological indications of stress which they experience in the current school year, but also in past school years as well. It was hypothesized that students would experience higher levels of stress doing online school than doing in-person school. In the end, the hypothesis was accepted because this proved to be true. This project will benefit educators and students alike, by helping them to understand the stress which typical online schoolers might experience.

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