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Special Moons: One End of the Rainbow to the Moon

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Lily Weleck

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

Project Description: ||What is your project about?| My project is about special moons, moons that are different colors like red and blue. The problem investigated was ¨How will the proximity of other planets affect the Moon's color at night?¨||Why did you choose this project?| I chose this project because different colored moons and astronomy fascinate me and I was curious if planet light was one of the factors of the rare purple moon.||What was your result/overall conclusion?| If the distance of the planets are changed then the moonlight will change colors because of the other planets' light grouping with the moonlight. The hypothesis was partially accepted and rejected because Mars's red light turned the Moon red, whereas Jupiter's yellow light didn't do anything and Venus's light only made the moon brighter. According to the photos of Mars's light, the Moon was a cherry red, a different color than its previous color. Jupiter was positioned five feet away from the Moon and its yellow light did not affect the moon at all. The Moon remained a dark, lusterless, grey in its coloring. Venus's white light illuminated the Moon, and made it significantly brighter, while highlighting several areas of the Moon. | |What was learned was that the closer the light/planet is the more the light of the planet affects the Moon's color and brightness. A planet like Jupiter which is far away from the Moon would not affect the MoonAlso, more obvious colors such as red(Mars) affect the Moon's color, whereas colors like white(Venus) only increase the brightness.|Something that may have gone wrong is the lights were not at full battery and it could have affected their brightness and color. Also the Moon and lights were not elevated and hovering, like they would be in real space. If the experiment was done again, the lights would have to be at full battery and the lights, Moon, and Earth would have to be elevated like in space.||Why is your project important?| My project is important because it will allow scientists to predict special moons in the future and see if planet light is a factor of the rare purple moon.|

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3 thoughts on “Special Moons: One End of the Rainbow to the Moon

  1. Excellent job! Had really good information. There is information I never even thought about before. Keep up the good work, Scientist!

  2. It is a fascination project, I hope you continue to be interested in planets and stars. One can see “earthshine” on the Moon, planets are too small and too far to influence the Moon’s color. I encourage you to continue your research.

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