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Youngest and Best Elementary Project

Some Numbers have Interesting Properties

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Jay Chandra

Ms. Rachel Fulton

"I came up with this theory about a year or two ago when I was thinking about how some numbers, when you square them, they end in the same digit. Then I realized that the numbers add to make a multiple of 10; For example 4 squared is 16 and six squared is 36 both of them end in the number 6 that is their units digit is identical. This holds true for numbers that add up to make any multiple of 10; for example 26 squared is 676 and 24 squared is 576; 26 and 24 add up to a sum of 50 , which is a multiple of 10. These numbers can be as big as possible, as long as the sum is a multiple of 10; for example 999 squared is 998,001 and 1 squared is just 1; 999 + 1 is 1000 even though that's a big number, It's still a multiple of 10. 10 * 100 = 1000."

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