Solar Power Phone Charger

Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science
Estevan Dominguez Dessie Baca Zaith Torres

Dr. Sean Mendoza

"ur project is a Solar Panel phone charger. In this project, we will be charging a phone with solar panels. It has been tested before but we are going to do it to demonstrate to others that it is possible. Most people are used to charging their phone with an outlet and a phone charger but our project is going to be different from that. Our project will show everyone around us that we don't always have to rely on outlets in sight. When you find an outlet to charge a phone it is very rare so instead, a person could use this device which we are making to get their phone charged or possibly another device. Our project could also be made with the resources around us to maybe save someone's life. A phone is a very important tool and it could save someone's life if it ever comes down to a situation where someone needs it the most. When a phone is charged it could be used to call someone or message someone. There are many uses for a phone besides that but our project will help many people in the world. If we see our project work we will absolutely make many more but we will try to find materials that are cheaper than the ones we have on the solar panel phone charger now. Eventually, if we continue this project many more of these phone chargers will be available for more people to use and hopefully buy. "

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