Grand Award

3rd Place

Solar Panel Energy Generation

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Jamison Ramsower

Ms. R Cantu

"1. To determine if tracking solar panels that always face the sun generates more energy than flat solar panels. We are also interested to see at what time of day generates the most energy.2 I wanted to learn about solar energy.3 The conclusion was tracking solar panels generates the most energy in the early afternoon.4 Solar panels are good for the environment, and does not use fossil fuel."

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Solar Panel Energy Generation

  1. Interesting project using a solar powered car and using the solar panel to track the sun at different times of the day. Good results, but with the set up and procedures you followed in taking the data, I might have done more than just three trials. Did you do all the trials on the same day. Was there any other variables that might have affected your results, i.e. wind, temperature, humidity, cloud cover, etc. Good project. Thank you for sharing.

  2. An excellent project. Designing your solar car looks like it was challenging. It came out very well. You did a good job presenting your results. Do you think these principles could be used for home roof solar panels?
    I hope you come back again next year with another fine project.

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